A powerful message: Imagine a world where the words you speak appear on your skin.  Would you be more careful of what you say?  Artist Ronit Bigal.

Imagine a world where your words appear on your skin. Would you be more careful of what you say? ~Artist Ronit Bigal what an interesting thought.

hand lettering {mary kate mcdevitt}

type today & Feels good to get some stuff done by Mary Kate McDevitt. See type today & 365 details here.

Collage style graphic design, simple but bright and powerful

Typographie #6 : Du caractère pour dessiner !

Any audrey hepburn pop art is good pop art to me Rachel Lin's - ransom note layout ( Graphic Design, Typography )

pinterest.com/fra411 #typographic #poster - Dockers posters

Selling pants visually is tricky—all the more reason this campaign is awesome! Dockers posters Plus

Inspiration Gallery #061 – Misc. inspiration | From up North Always been a personal favorite

Inspiration Gallery #061 — Misc. inspiration

Absolutely beautiful typographic jazz festival posters - Guimarães JAZZ 2009 by Atelier Martino&Jaña on Behance

cheryl sorg - thumbprint portrait....awesome twist on self portraits. have kids stamp their thumb print in ink, have them draw out the pattern, have them write words describing themselves, books they like, music they love along the patterns of their print

This would be a great craft for book club or bulletin board of favorite books thru year of students. Your 50 favourite titles turned into a unique thumb print by cheryl sorg art inspired by - and made from - books

Self conflict. Expressing emotions through song lyrics

Self conflict. Expressing emotions through song lyrics This is a perfect Inspiration for the GCSE question on Disguises. Add dripping wax etc like you did with your textured canvas.

jiliallen: New word art x ‘patience’ x nice! i love the meditation on “patience” ….i could use to follow this example :)

It hurts….Love No floating hearts No turtle doves Who said love is good Was fooled. She’s been smashed Into pieces Hurt has ruled Promises broken Endearments once spoken I…