Gavin Worth - San Francisco, CA Artist. wire is such an underrated medium and im gonna do some cool shit with it when i can

San Francisco, CA artist Gavin Worth

Vertical Face by Rick Kirby @ Burghley House

rusted steel metal "vertical face I" sculpture by rick kirby. exhibited amongst trees as part of the permanent collection in burghley house "the gardens of surprise" sculpture garden (since stamford, lincolnshire, england, uk

Richard Shilling makes his "land art" using only natural materials gathered near where the sculpture is made. Some of his work lasts only a few minutes before a change sweeps them away. Gallery of his work on the Telegraph site

Pictures of the day: 19 January 2012

Funny pictures about Stairway to heaven. Oh, and cool pics about Stairway to heaven. Also, Stairway to heaven photos.

Farewell letter from

What do you do with your retired brushes? Maybe some "recycled art?" Creative brush art by Z-Man

Artist Cecile Perra's embroidered puppets ( art doll / sculpture / mixed media / textile )

By Cecile Perra mixed media , textile and ceramic art doll figurative sculpture

day at the beach

She's newly single. Just got out of a rocky relationship.

Nude beach in stone …or… Stoned nude beach … or… what a rock-hard body… or …did you ever wonder how sand gets in every crack and crevice, ouch! …and not even touching on her stone foxy booty —- think.


Artist Jeff Uitto creates intricate sculptures from driftwood he finds along the coast of Washington. Uitto has sculpted wild horses, soaring eagles, and even a giraffe out of salvaged tree branches. But his work is more than giant animal sculptur.

A 2007 sculpture by Li Xiaofeng made from broken Ming and Qing dynasty porcelain. Courtesy of Red Gate Gallery

Delft Touch

Sculpture by Li Xiaofeng made from broken Ming and Qing dynasty porcelain 2007 c/o Red Gate Gallery

Jean Tinguely, Mes Roues, 1960, Maschine und Eisenräder

jean tinguely kinetic sculpture in his workhe want to represent the movement: becase movemnte for him is part of daily life

Jean Tinguely

Jean Tinguely: Mechanical Sculptures

Lecture 2 - Where Am I? Point of View and Focal Point, France, by Jean Tinguely.