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Cat Recliner Sofa Bed Sunbathing Chair
The Cat Recliner Sofa Bed Sunbathing Chair is the perfect spot for your furry friend to relax. Made from durable canvas or sisal, this recliner is designed to last. With four adjustable height settings, your cat can lay flat for sunbathing or curl up in the recessed area of the chair for a cozy nap. Comfortable and stylish, your cat will love their new throne.
Wooden Whack-a-Mole Cat Toys – Pawpycup
The Wooden Whack-a-Mole Cat Toy is made from natural wood materials and is ideal for keeping cats entertained with its interactive design. It helps provide mental stimulation and encourages physical play for cats, helping to keep them healthy and active. This toy is durable and designed to withstand even the most enthusiastic of feline players.