Pizza, Boun appetito

Classic and Gourmet thin crust pizzas with over 22 different toppings.

Eat as much pizza as you like | On Thursdays for only 59.90

Thursdays at Panarottis is big on pizza and big on family as you can bring all for eat as pizza as you like. Only at Panarotti's Ciao-Ville.

Panarottis fun for the whole family.

Panarottis fun for the whole family.

Panarottis. 52 outlets nationally and six abroad.

52 outlets nationally and six abroad.

The Panarottis Promise.  Fun for the whole family

Happy staff and customers enjoying everything that Panarottis has to offer

Breakfast-on-pizza and more! | Breakfast-on-pizza

Breakfast on pizza at Panarottis is new and is BIG on the family - just as Panarotti's breakfast pizza is big

Classic Twos-days | Order any Gourmet Pizza and get a free Classic Pizza

What is on your menu for tonight? We are serving Twos-Days. Our handmade pizza with the freshest toppings are so well known and loved by our customers. Join us tonight

Kids Eat Free! | Kids under 12 eat free on Sundays.

Stuck for chow ideas on Sunday? Kids eat free at Panarottis.

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