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To reduce the risk of eye strain make sure your computer monitor is at least 15 degrees below eye level

psychology of the digital age: humans become electric

The Psychology of Cyberspace - Home Page/Table of Contents

yogapractice:    For those of us who have desk jobs or sit at a computer for any length of time, this is often how our posture looks.  Our spine suffers from this as gravity is a constant force in this position.  We look like that!  Thoracic flexion, forward head posture, hip flexion leading to shortened hip flexors (quads, psoas, TFL), and elongated rhomboids, erector spinae, and so on.  What’s a fantastic pose to counter this?  Bow pose!  Danurasana

Neck and Shoulder Pain, the Bane of the Computer Age by gokaleo: Chronic neck and shoulder pain has a pretty profound impact on quality of life. Here are some things we can do to manage it. _Shoulder_Pain Be Conscious of your posture