Porta botella para nevera www.dispedisa.com/info-util/accesorios-para-vino

Holdups® - The Refrigerator Wine Rack - Red. This is a great idea but my fridge has glass shelves.

Bandeja para botella + copas www.dispedisa.com/info-util/accesorios-para-vino

A truly unique wine serving tray designed for four stemmed glasses and a bottle of wine. Made from a single piece of extruded anodized aluminum. Modern Serving Tray Dimensions: x x

Sacacorchos Homer Simpson www.dispedisa.com/info-util/accesorios-para-vino

Now you can open your favourite bottle with our Homer Simpson Corkscrew! Simply place Homer on top of the bottle, turn his head to twist the screw into the cork Push Homer's arms down to re

Tapón de vino porta corcho www.dispedisa.com/info-util/accesorios-para-vino

This clever and attractive personalized wine stopper preserves your favorite vintage so you can look forward to that next tasty glass. Fashioned in silver-coated brass with an indentation that holds the cork, the top of the rubber stopper includes handsom

The Opale – cava de vino con diseño increíble www.dispedisa.com/info-util/accesorios-para-vino

The Opale is an awesome wine cellar, witch has been presented by Sand&Birch last year