Banana caramel pie

Banoffee Danger Pie (I had this in was so good!) Banoffee Danger Pie (I had this in was so good!) Banoffee Danger Pie (I had this in was so good!

Boerewors, Pap and a cold beer. South African delicious sausage generally cooked on the braai (BBQ) served with pap, which is made from mealie meal (corn meal) and served with a tomato and onion gravy -- finished off with a delicious cold beer

Volunteer with Via Volunteers in South Africa and try some delicious Boerewors…


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Lamb Potjiekos - "Dont stuff up the potjie by stirring or adding too much sauce" - South African

Lamb Potjiekos


Die bekende suurlemoenmeringuetert word net lekkerder as dit roomkaas bykry en as kaaskoek voorgesit word.

where all the best meals are made potjie

Potjie - where all the best meals are made! I can vouch for that having had them in South Africa. Just had to have a potjie pot and bought recently - love it.

Mrs Balls Chutney

Bobotie, Curries, hamburgers no self respecting South African can be without Mrs Balls Chutney!

Poitjie over a open fire

Cooking in a cauldron over a fire I always wanted one of these. I can almost smell the soup cooking.