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a poster with instructions on how to use the standards for an instructional course in english
Intellectual Standards used to assess Critical Thinking
two different views of an island in the ocean with trees and buildings on it, one is
Aequorea is a 3D-Printed Underwater Skyscraper Village That Houses Up to 20,000 People - HIGH T3CH
two different views of the same object, each with an image of a woman's head
Tranh nội thất -Photo frames maxbrute - Maxbrute Furniture Visualization
a man standing on top of a piece of art with his arms in the air
Laban - Estudo do movimento - Disciplina - Arte
an image of the human body with muscles highlighted in red and white lines on pink background
When is a Pot Belly Stomach Not a Pot Belly Stomach?
Channelling God From Within: Viktor Schauberger- Nature Was My Teacher Nature, God, Op Art, Tattoo, Symbols, Tatoo, Geometric, Pattern, Esoteric
Viktor Schauberger- Nature Was My Teacher
Channelling God From Within: Viktor Schauberger- Nature Was My Teacher
an abstract painting with orange, blue and white shapes
#fractal #geometry #symmetry #handmade #mathart #regolo54 #escher #fibonacci #goldenratio #spiral #rotation #square #progession #evolution #1618 #1123581321345589
a red wire sculpture is shown against a blue background
torus knot
two different colored rings on top of each other in front of a light blue background
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Reminds me of the Chrome browser logo....3 Phase Bifilar Moebius edge coil set formed as torus knot
the letter c made up of lines and dots on a white background with space for text
Wireframe Logo Polygonal Element. Torus with Connected Lines and Dots. Vector Illustration EPS10. Stock Vector - Illustration of atom, line: 63127431
Wireframe logo polygonal element. Torus with connected lines and dots. Vector Illustration EPS10.