Romany Creams are a popular South African treat that are perfect for dunking in your coffee. Click here for the recipe

A popular South African biscuit, these Romany Creams tend to be quite crunchy which makes them perfect for dunking.

South African Recipes  Hertzog cookies (Kathy Termorshuizen)

Who doesn't love these amazing desserts? - South African Recipe for Hertzog cookies (Kathy Termorshuizen)

South African condensed milk biscuits (Kondensmelk koekies) | Rainbow Cooking

South African condensed milk biscuits (Kondensmelk koekies) Well-known in South-Africa. Similar to New Zealand condensed milk biscuits.


Delicious rendition of Oz's Lamington cake squares- cake dipped in chocolate, covered in coconut.

One of the best biscuits available in South Africa ..

Choc-kit cookies - a taste of home

This recipe for South African Choc-Kit cookies makes fantastically chocolatey sandwich cookies with a hint of coconut.

Soetkoekies {Recipe} | {Be Inspired, Food} | The Pretty Blog

Soetkoekies Recipe

Traditional South African "soetkoekies" (sweet biscuits) made with fragrant nutmeg and cinnamon. Perfect for the holidays!

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