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Dim Dobrev

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Dim Dobrev
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Taking arbosculpture to the next level, German designer Ferdinand Ludwig is working to build not just sculptures but bridges and buildings from living trees.

Jag vet inte vilken typ av golv du vill ha. Men jag lägger till några för inspiration! Här har du lite olika typer av trä. :)

A beautiful at a glance guide to the various wood grains and finishes available for acoustic guitars: Pure vs Dark Tung Oil.

when grass grows in, won't see the pavers underneath but can drive on it  lattice brick driveway                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Graduating hard surfacing into garden bed & lawn areas. thinking about recreating this with cob and moss (much more low maintenance than grass) for a courtyard

Marie Short Builds a Farmhouse in Australia: A Simple Floor Plan, 1975

Timber from a nearby sawmill forms the framing and the walls of Glenn Murcutt's Marie Short House, constructed of simple, readily available materials.