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Hey people
More ideas from Deadpool
#itsnotanime Seriously people -_-

Seriously people -_->>>>I dont watch anime but my best friend does. And it isn't animes fault it is the people who do idiotic things and blame anime to get out of being in trouble.


Attack on Titan ~~ Overprotective much, Mikasa? I SWEAR she acts like Eren's Big Sister more than anything else most of the time. :: Armin, Mikasa, Eren, and Levi

I hate this girl

akame ga kill - This bitch is Fucking INSANE, It get's pretty irritating seeing this bitch in the Manga, I am soo glad Mine cut her and her dog into Pieces.----because of her sheele ;

Tokyo ghoul .Can't wait for season 3

Can't wait for season 3