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What would you die for?

A man told me.The most important thing every man should know, is what he would die for. I would die for those I love specially my Lord and savior !

Persistence--so hard when your body feels like lightning bolts of pain are shooting through your body. Those are the days I do Pilates or cut my treadmill time in half. I find excersize actually takes some of the pain away.

A fighter wraps his hands at the Grand Avenue Boxing Gym in Portland, Oregon 2005 Jim Lommasson

I want my kíss to remínd you how much í want you and look to tell you I wíll Love You the rest of our Líves.

I want my kiss to remind you how much I want you. And my look to tell you I will love you the rest of our lives.

{Via Pinterest} This inspiring marriage quote touches my heart. Sometimes my husband and I can’t help but compare ourselves with other married couples. “How come they’re able to afford that?” “How do they stay patient with each other all these years?” “Where do they find the time to do stuff together?” So on and so …

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To find a quote that defines all about what love is, is difficult

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