Prickly pears - the fruit of the cactus. They are good to eat.

Prickly pears - the fruit of the cactus. It's a delicious fruit to eat (peeling is quite an art because of the tiny thorns on the peel)!

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Wat is meer tipies Suid-Afrikaans as pannekoek, melktert en lemoenpoeding? Hierdie nagereg  kombineer al drie.

This South African dessert combines pancakes, tarts, and lemon pudding.

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I saw a couple like this, where the airhole and slit were another shape to signify a business. That's when I started thinking about how much an unedited airhole and slit look like an i.

Jou lag is 'n oopgebreekte granaat / lag weer / dat ek kan hoor hoe lag die granate

What Katie Ate ~ Recipes and Other Bits and Bobs by Katie Quinn Davies.

Cute logo for this food blog. Love the graphics and text

Site is loaded with recipes, cooking tips, kitchen design and organization, etc.

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