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I feel this every math class for at least one problem. Written by Dade. Basically the story of my life in Math class.

The reason we have to ask the patient to demonstrate

House: Are you using your inhaler? Patient: All the time. House: You sure you're using it right? Patient: Do I look like an idiot? House: No.Why don't you show me how your inhaler works? Hahah, House MD tv show quotes

The liar: | Community Post: 21 Insanely Funny Tumblr Stories That Seem Too Good To Be True

Mom I called the house phone. Whether they're true or not, they'll still make you laugh.

The muffled crunch of crisp snow; the tinkle of metal and glass bells. | Writing Prompt from Writers Write.

Learn how to write a book with Writers Write. Writers Write offers the best writing courses in South Africa. To find out about Writers Write - How to write a book, or The Plain Language.

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A novel in one year - a breakdown by tasks / weeks. How to write a novel in a year. A step-by-step visual breakout.

#WritingPrompt: Perhaps it is not a sad occasion for all present. www.writersrelief.com

I've toyed with the premise of a character that tries to break all the biblical commandments in one night as part of some vague "deal with the devil.

Grey's Anatomy

Haha Lmfao cant even deal love Grey's too much

One of the many reasons I love Cristina Yang! #childfreebychoice (Via @greyxsanatomy on IG)

One of the many reasons I love Cristina Yang! I would have said it keeps us from drowning them, but - oh well. (Via on IG)