Braaibroodjies: Tegnies nie geskiedenis nie, maar 'n belangrike deel van ons kultuur...

South-African "Braaibroodjie" MUST be done on an open fire (coles only) for that BBQ taste! Served with braaivleis (meat on the fire)

My gran’s pumpkin fritters | Pampoen koekies I am using this Recipe - For "CLAM FRITTERS" How excited am I!! Had clam fritters when growing up at the outdoor movies, Drive In's :) Happy Day!

caramel pear mousse almond bread pudding w salted caramel sauce. pumpkin fritters with caramel sauce salted caramel pudding Salted Caramel C.

South African Recipes CUSTARD SLICES (Wenresepte 2, pg. 207)

Custard slices (Vlaskywe), a very traditional treat in South Africa, are made by sandwiching thick custard.

Pumpkin Fritters

This picture shows a South African dessert called pumpkin fritters. Basically, it's a sweet pumpkin flavored pastry.

Picture of How To Make South African Vetkoek

How to Make South African Vetkoek

From the YOU test kitchen: 5 of our favourite milk tart recipes

Serves Preparation time: 20 min Cooking time: 15 min Chilling time: overnight 250 g.

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