Thabo Mbeki as a South African president he made mistakes but his intelligence and plan prior to that mistake had vision

Former South African president Thabo Mbeki (left) with Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert when Mbeki was a leader of an African National Congress delegation.

Thabo and Zanele Mbeki outside Epainette Mbeki's house at Ngcingwane, 1999

Thabo Mbeki and the Battle for the Soul of the ANC: Second Edition

President Thabo Mbeki is a South African Politician who served almost two terms as the second post-apartheid President of South Africa, from 1999 to 2008

Thabo Mbeki "I am an African" -  I am born of the peoples of the continent of Africa.The pain of the violent conflict that the peoples of Liberia,Somalia,the Sudan, Burundi and Algeria is a pain I also bear.The dismal shame of poverty, suffering and human degradation of my continent is a blight that we share..............

Former President Thabo Mbeki appears at the Arms Deal Commission today to explain his role in the costly scandal.

Dr Thabo Mbeki - "The potential of African students in light of the Arab.

The words to President Thabo Mbeki's "I am an African" speach and The winds of change cd