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This seed loaf recipe is delicious and super simple to make. It is easy to slice and it also freezes really well. I freeze mine as individual 2 slice packs for morning toast or lunch time sarmies. Banting Bread, Banting Diet, Banting Recipes, Loaf Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Lchf, Easy Recipes, Lowest Carb Bread Recipe, Low Carb Bread

Banting bread recipe and why its better

Bread is such a staple. Whether it is for your morning toast or your lunchtime sarmie, most people can’t fathom how to get by without their “daily bread”. Well first off, it is po…

Recipe Baileys and Chocolate Pannacotta - ThermoFun by leonie, learn to make this recipe easily in your kitchen machine and discover other Thermomix recipes in Desserts & sweets. Decadent Food, Decadent Chocolate, Chocolate Desserts, Chocolate Baileys, Thermomix Desserts, Sweets Recipes, Cooking Recipes, Easy Desserts, Milkshakes

ThermoFun - Baileys and Chocolate Pannacotta Recipe | ThermoFun | Thermomix Recipes & Tips

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With Valentines Day this Saturday I wanted to share a very simple yet very impressive recipe with you all. 🙂 Imagine the most decadent chocolate dessert you’ve ever eaten. Then try a taste of my thermomix Baileys and Chocolate Pannacotta. You will NOT be disappointed. A very special friend who actually calls this “Leonie’s Dessert” gifted this...