Protea in Art

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As a flower farmer, I am always inspired by the perfection found in flowers and thrilled by the way they impact and arouse all of us differently, which for me, is certainly proof of their natural artistic qualities. With that in mind, I thought it might be nice to share the different ways artists have used protea in their work – some have used them to enhance beauty while others have used them to tell the story of life itself.
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Paul Jones Flora Magnifica and Flora Superba botanical prints
South African fynbos indigenous King Protea flower painting  watercolour print. $20.00, via Etsy.
The Kings, Watercolour. 79 x 70 cm.
South African fynbos indigenous King Protea
Nicole Pletts - Proteas, Oil on Canvas
Protea 'Pink Ice'
Protea by R. Visage
"Proteas (IV)"
Roses and Rust: A Passion For Proteas
King Protea
Painted Protea Pattern Art Print
Proteas painted with acrylics on textured canvas Size 75cm x 50cm
Protea Pink Duke
Protea cynaroides ~ King Protea, Erica mammosa