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several pictures of different types of furniture made from old tires and wickers, with text overlay that reads as featured on the photo
DIY tire furniture upcycle repurpose furniture ottoman chair
a long wooden table sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a wall
Home Decor
Fence turned into a slim table...great idea!
a white bench with two baskets under it and a painting on the wall behind it
DIY Headboard Bench. (can be used with any size headboard) Make for front door entrance and/or laundry room!
Cute use of an old headboard. Make the bench wider for a seating area/storage bench!
a coffee table made out of pallet wood with a flower in the center and two couches behind it
Crate Coffee Table - Hatch + Haven
Crate Coffee Table. Love how versatile this coffee table is. It is easily moved due to the locking wheels, also it serves as a great little storage space. You can also change out the center piece, whether it be flowers, potpourri, or Holiday decorations.
three different pictures of outdoor furniture made out of pallets and wooden crates with plants in them
My. Daily. Randomness.: 1 Year House Anniversary // My Favourite Home Projects to Date
an image of a pool in the middle of two pictures, one is upside down
NameBright - Domain Expired
20 Craft and DIY Ideas for you crafty folk out there- Trampoline
the coffee table is on sale for $ 99
DIY Upholstered Ottoman
DIY coffee table ottoman
the best paints for a metallic finish on furniture are you thinking about using them?
Best Paints for a Metallic Finish - Painted Furniture Ideas
Best Paints for a Metallic Finish
several bags sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other with different designs
ikat bag
Awesome site with tons of tutorials on how to make LOTS of different bags!!
two spoons sitting next to each other on a white surface
Crossed Spoons Plate Stand
This looks pretty easy to make.
towels and candles are sitting on a shelf
Headboard Shelf
Twin headboard turned UPSIDE DOWN ... then turned into a great shelf/rack.
an old window is decorated with images of people's faces in glass panes
Window of Opportunity: Old Salvaged Windows Get New Life As Unique Decor
Dishfunctional Designs: Window of Opportunity: Old Salvaged Windows Get New Life As Unique Decor