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a woman with her mouth open and teeth painted on to it's face, in black and white
Photo Collage UNTITLED 2014 - Il Post
a woman with many butterflies on her face
FLY AWAY by fashionforeva | Redbubble
black and white photograph of a woman with her hands on her face
Various Illustrations @ 2017
people are on the beach and one is holding a large balloon in the shape of an astronaut
a woman is wearing a weird hat with many different things on it's head
Sometimes I Have Bad Thoughts...
a man with his face painted black and wearing dreadlocks in front of a white wall
Juan Stockenstroom's haunting series Otherness reimagines human beings | Between 10 and 5
three women with flowers in their hair and one woman has her arm around the other
Kahlo, Monroe And Twiggy Canvas Print by Ana Paula Hoppe | iCanvas
a man with his face cut out to look like he is looking at something
Manny Robertson
a black and white drawing of two hands holding each other's hand, with text on the background
I've read about you in a newspaper by Rita Vicari
an artistic painting of the big ben clock tower