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surface anatomy | Sketchy Medicine

The femoral triangle is a convenient triangle where the femoral nerve, artery and vein pass from the abdomen to the leg. The best part about this is that they& all quite superficial, making it a .

surface anatomy | Sketchy Medicine

Surface anatomy of the lungs Lungs extend from about 2 cm above the clavicle down to the rib in the midclavicular line and rib in the midaxillary line The oblique fissure goes from the .

Thyroid hormone differential.

Hypothyroidism is a disorder in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone and hyperthyroidism works contrary. -- Continue reading at the image link.

Oxytocin and adh are secreted by the posterior pituitary though. But the posterior pit is stimulated through the hypothalamus. This is correct but not the MOST correct ;)

Oxytocin and ADH are secreted by the posterior pituitary. The posterior pituitary is stimulated through the hypothalamus.

A great resource.. simple Blood Pressure chart for quick reference.

blood pressure charts what is normal blood pressure? What is Normal Blood Pressure Normal blood pressure for most adults is less than mm Hg. Drug treatment is recommended if your blood pressure is at or above mm Hg.

Know Your Brain Chemistry Infographic

infographic: Find Balance: Know Your Brain Chemistry Infographic - Moods are dependent on brain chemistry. Understanding essential neurotransmitters can help understand emotions.

Human Body Subway Map

Artist Sam Loman has created a lovely map of the human body in the style of the London Underground map. Okay it’s strictly not in the style of the London Underground Map because not all the l…

Gray's anatomy - Muscles and Fasciae of the Forearm

Flexor-carpi-radialis Origin medial epicondyle of humerus (common flexor tendon) Insertion Bases of second and third metacarpal bones Artery Ulnar Artery Nerve Median nerve Actions Flexion and abduction at wrist Antagonist Extensor carpi ulnaris muscle