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Devaanya Bhunjun
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Better quality sleep is just 5 minutes away | yoga workout, yoga for beginners

Better quality sleep is just 5 minutes away! 5 yoga poses to help you sleep better. Yoga for better sleep.

Not sure how to begin a home yoga practice? Here are yoga sequences for a 30 day yoga challenge. How to begin a home yoga practice with yoga poses for beginners.

Practicing Yoga at Home A 30 Day Yoga Challenge . Simple way to slowly add yoga to your daily routines . Designed for use at home. Just you and a yoga mat and 7 minutes daily.

Outdoor Livingroom...(a little less drastic, but same concept. . . and keep it rustic!)

Garden design with a pergola or gazebo is more functional, beautiful and comfortable. Here are some summer projects to keep you cooler on even the hottest of

I think everyone should have a room like this at their house.

On my small porch I could get a thick rubber mat, put holes in it, glue river rocks onto it. Maybe make a border around the outside perimeter of the porch where I then place container gardens. - Endless Entertainment & Humor

"Pool disguised as pond with in ground trampoline in place of a diving board! yes, please. This is my idea of an in ground pool." -- I don't like the disguised as a pond idea but I LOVE the trampoline idea!