Wanted to share a trailer for a game I've spent the past 8 years making - Geneshift

Little Nightmares looks like a spooky good time. What changed? Now I've seen this trailer detailing some of the ways in which your little character Six can perish during the platforming adventure, and I.

Spark The Electric Jester is an excellent platformer that meshes Sonic with Kirby and has an absolutely killer soundtrack.

Assault Android Cactus is an excellent entry into the top-down shooter genre that you can play alone or with your friends.

If you have hydrophobia, you probably won't want to play Narcosis.

Neon Chrome is a wonderfully retro-futuristic, hybrid between a shooter and an RPG from the same creators as Crimsonland.

Livelock is a polished top-down shooter mixed with RPG elements that will greatly appeal to the shooting aficionado in us all.

Typoman - Xbox One Launch Trailer: Typoman takes you on a journey of an unusual HERO to find the last letter and restore hope in a merciless world.


The best popcorn platformer on the PC.

The best popcorn platformer on the PC.