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two orange and white cat shaped earrings on wood
leuke en schattige vosjes uit fimo!
a decorative light switch cover with flowers and leaves on the front, made to look like a wooden door
Fairy Door switch plate
Fairy Door switch plate - mitti designs
three decorative switch plates with flowers painted on the covers and one has a light switch
Polymer Clay - dixie103
I am sooooooo blown-away by these gorgeous polymer clay pieces by an anonymous polymerist who goes by the name "Nope, it's not painted" on Flickr.
Awesome DIY Clay Art
Beautiful ideas about clay art.
there are many pictures of panda bears made out of fondant
59 Super Ideas Diy Food Birthday Cupcake Toppers
59 Super Ideas Diy Food Birthday Cupcake Toppers #food #diy
the giraffe is made from clay and has brown spots on it
Jungle Animal Baby Shower Cakes | CutestBabyShowers.com
Fondant Jungle Cake Animals
Sparkle Mandala Canes
Tutorial for the beginning sparkle cane on Patreon