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My next tattoo :)

(I would love this on my ankle)Heart Angel Wings / Tattoos Free Tattoo Designs Gallery Considering this one so i have room for more items that respresent me

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This tatoo is in memorie of a womens sister. But this would be cute for someone that had a miscarriage or for my son Adam

♥Pinning this for my best friend, Andrea, who passed away from cancer.  You will always be in my heart!

Dad you will live forever in my heart.forever in our hearts! Forever in my thoughts. Im sorry if i fail u sometimes.

I love this!!!!!!

Pheonix tattoo "From the ashes I will rise, twice as strong and much more wise." I'm doing that thing I always do where I become flaky and can't make a final decision. Lol, what quote do i put at the bottom of my phoenix wings back tattoo?

Baby I want three things. To see you. To touch you. To kiss you. Day after day, because I love you Baby.