Design in Health

Innovators from all over the world use design to make breakthroughs in healthcare.
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University of Melbourne brain implant

The stentrode can record brain signals from within a blood vessel next to the brain. These thoughts are captured, decoded and passed wirelessly through the skin to enable control of an exoskeleton. (Credit: Paul Burston and Sarah Fisher)

Frank Kolkman is challenging the price of healthcare.

Inexpensive healthcare devices are within reach says Frank Kolkman, the creator of a DIY-surgical robot.

The Phoenix goes on sale next month.

Affordable exoskeleton could help paraplegic kids walk, sit or stand

Ambulance drone

Flying ambulance drone proposed for time-sensitive emergencies

The Bimek SLV is inserted during a 30 minute surgery.

German inventor Clemens Bimek created the Bimek SLV, an inserted sperm switch device that prevents sperm from mixing with semen before ejaculation.

Plant Bag

Plant Bag purifies air in a backpack

e-NABLE is a nonprofit global network of volunteers using their free time and respective skills to lend a helping hand to underserved children in need of assistive prosthetics

Open source printed hands for children

"That Dragon, Cancer": Themes like hope and faith are explored throughouth the game

“That Dragon, Cancer” is an interactive narrative about Joel Green and his battle with cancer.


This Device Diagnoses 17 Different Diseases From a Single Breath - Care Body Hair

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