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three brightly colored fairy houses sitting on top of a wooden log in front of a castle
Fairy Houses ~ Fairy Cottage | can be displayed in the house or out in the garden... maybe a birdhouse?
brightly colored birdhouses are lined up on a log in front of a clock tower
Most People Don’t Know Georgia Has A Fairy Garden… And It’s Positively Magical
a blue and yellow bird with spots on it's head sitting on a rock
a bird house made out of rocks and stones
a birdhouse with a key on it in the woods
an old birdhouse with rusted metal parts on it's roof and door
the jeanne bessette birdhouse...
a bird house made out of wine corks
Wine Cork Craft Ideas
a birdhouse with a butterfly painted on the side of it's roof next to a brick wall
shabby chic birdhouse | blue shabby chic bird house
an old fashioned phone is sitting on a table in front of a framed picture and other items
the bird house is painted brown and has intricate designs on it's side wall
a bird house made out of wood with an ornate design on the front and sides