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Me and my Mallow

We all love fitness couples ! Does your partner even lift? You had me at Can I get next set!

...annnnd to make u wish u NVR let this go ;)

Flab-to-Fit: Week 7 of the Transformation Workout Program. Fitness - Inspiration - Female - Abs - Body - Quotes - Get Fit - Workout -Health - Get Lean - Exercise - Program - Plans - Routine - Weight Loss - Motivation - Tips - Goals - Training

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Okay, so inappropriate picture, but the quote is true! Hard work in the gym and dedication with your nutrition intake will never lie. The results you get are based on the effort you put in.

The Day You Start Believing In Yourself

Remember when you started riding a bike? Fell over a few times - scraped up your knees but you kept trying & believing you could do it and then BAM it all fell into place! Losing weight - getting fit and eating healthy is just like riding that bike


Goal: tone (I already have a great shape.just need to lose the softness☁️). I love when my husband compliments how rapidly my body is changing but yet I do so little. I don't need to lift heavy weights to feel or look strong. The perks of a tall girl

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There is no shortcut. It takes time to build a better, stronger version of yourself. 💪 I wish I could workout! 😕 Hopefully in a month I will get the green light!

Body Building / Fitness Motivation —

Body Building / Fitness Motivation —