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a woman is measuring her journal with a pink tape on the floor next to some scissors
DIY Fabric Scripture Cover Tutorial - Life With My Littles
Scripture Cover Tutorial: A quick and easy tutorial to make a fabric cover for your scriptures!
an old book with green lines on the front and back cover, sitting on a wooden surface
Sew a Composition Book Cover With a Zipper Pocket for Pens!
a quilted book sitting on top of a doily next to a glass vase
Quilted Bible Cover
Quilted Bible Cover ~ Make a new quilted cover for your Bible. Embroider the message "Jesus Loves Me" in Backstitch.
a close up of a piece of cloth with flowers on it and a bird in the background
Bible cover for a special friend!
an open book with flowers and a cross on it
Floral Bible Cover
two cross pins are shown on the page
���� #25 - 3 - 633-10-66 / Фото #25 - 3 - 633-10-66
a piece of fabric with a flower on it
Melissa Kaiserman, Your Tech BFF | VIP Day Tech Intensive
an open book with cross magnets on the front and back pages, showing instructions for how to make them
���� #41 - holidayparade - Tatiananik
a cross stitch pattern with the letters e and f
four pieces of white fabric sitting on top of a brown table next to each other
Cross in my pocket
In occasione della visita alla Sindone a Torino ho preparato per alcune amiche un piccolo ricordo ricamato su plastic canvas. Ho ricamato con un cotone sfumato. Si tagliano 4 pezzi di plastic canva…
a poem written on a piece of paper that says the cross in my pocket
The Cross in my Pocket & Instructions
JoZart: The Cross in my Pocket & Instructions
small pink and white boxes with bows on them
Pocket crosses