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Small Affordable House Plans / Eco Friendly Home Design by Case ...

Check Out 30 Beautiful Modern Prefab Homes. Modular prefab homes are also built in a factory on an assembly line. They are built in complete functioning sections.

love the shelves and the river rocks

Cob home with fireplace insert. All that cob absorbs heat and slowly releases it. The rocks provide beauty. The sculpting adds character too.

Ever study all night for a test, only to realize you must crash because it simply was not a Sustainable cycle?    Well, the same is true on a macro...

Permaculture Principles (Website) Permaculture is a design system inspired by nature which is based on ethics and design principles that can be used to guide you, your household and your community ‘beyond sustainability’.

GAIA CREATIONS: Urban Permaculture Project years in progress - mind map showing the connections between project elements/systems

EI Map

Emotional Intelligence mind map created by Nitya Wakhlu. The Emotional Intelligence Mind Map will help you to understand feelings and emotions. The Mind Map breaks down how emotions impact our daily life and work; including acknowledging and responding to

How to Mind Map Mind Map by Adam Sicinski

How to Plan an Essay Using a Mind Map. Mind maps are a fun and useful tool designed to stimulate both sides of your brain. Mapping combines brainstorming and essay outlining. To make a mind map, you'll need a rough idea of what you want to.

Permaculture Mindmap

Permaculture Mindmap- on the pattern level on how to develop holistically

Mindmap from Jan Martin

Mindmap from Jan Martin