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a black and blue t - shirt with an evil face
Spitfire_Wheels_Logo.jpg - Cool Graphic
a yellow skateboard sitting on top of a wooden stand
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the diagram shows how to use ramps
Skate and BMX Bike Ramp Plans Roundup — DO IT: Projects, Plans, and How-tos
launch ramp blueprints
six different colored images of monsters with their mouths open and teeth out in the air
Jimbo Phillips
a skateboard bag is attached to the back of a skateboard with two wheels
hi tech skateboard bag
hi tech skateboard bag - Yahoo Image Search Results
a screwdriver that is attached to a piece of wood
Build Your Own Ramps and Obstacles with These Easy Steps
Build your own ramps and obstacles with these easy steps: Owning Skateboard Ramps and Obstacles 101
a diagram showing the height and width of a ramp
How to Build a Three-Foot Quarter Pipe for Skateboarding
How to Build a Skateboard Quarter Pipe Ramp: How to Build a 3' Quarter Pipe: Framing the Center
a skateboard ramp is shown against a white background
OC Ramps Spine Skateboard Ramp Kit - 3 ft. x 2 ft. OC Ramps Manual Pad Skateboard Ramp - 24" x 33"
an unfinished bed frame with tools on the floor
Building a micro mini quarter pipe
a cat house made out of wood and metal
14 cool gifts for skateboarders | Cool Mom Picks
Cool gifts for skateboarders: Build-at-home pro skate ramp kit
a blurry image of a skateboarder doing a trick on his board in the dark
bebe skate
a skateboarder doing tricks in an empty swimming pool with graffiti on the walls
Dads who skate