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someone is drawing eyebrows with pencils and the words don't do above them
Do's and Don'ts on eyebrows...(I'll do what I like, every a artist is different!)
four different views of an eye being drawn
How to Draw Eyes
With the room in mind in the reflection. Draw realistic eyes with this step-by-step instruction. Full drawing lesson
a pencil drawing of a woman's face
Woman face Sketch by lanfear-chess on DeviantArt
a drawing of an eye with tear coming out of the iris's left eye
Love this!
how to draw hair for men with different angles
DeviantArt - Discover The Largest Online Art Gallery and Community
hair by *naturalshocks on deviantART
how to draw eyebrows for beginners with step by step instructions on how to draw eyes
Drawing eyebrows
an eye is shown in the middle of three different lines, each with their own image
How to draw a perfect eye
an image of different types of eyes in various stages of drawing, with the words simple eye
DazelTodd - Hey guys , Here is a time lapse of an #eye I #drew...
the different types of eyes are shown in this drawing
Teaching resources
Windows to the Soul - One Direction by xoloves.deviantart.com on @deviantART
the eyes are drawn in black and white, with different angles to show them's features
Wolf eye tutorial