Is it weird as a kid I never liked fairies but I loved dragons and elves but I just despised fairies

SHADOWSCULPT OOAK IADR realistic mouse fairy house nest art doll one of a kind fantasy sculpture polymer clay figurine

Bramble Pixies are never to be triffled with, for you see, when Bramble Pixies get angry . . .

A bramble pixie. They dwell deep in the forest, in their bramble bushes, changing their thorn crown, or readjusting their gloves. Bramble Pixies are bad tempered, and usually live the hermit life.

I think what I love about Little pixie Matze OOAK made by Tatjana Raum, and most of her sculpts is that truley have character :)

Little pixie Matze OOAK made by Tatjana Raum

*elf fairy* had a dream about one that looked close to this only the eyes were very green and the spikes were bright purple

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Sculpted fairy - love her!

sweet pixie fairy fairie girl ooak full by throughthemagicdoor


FAIRYSTUDIOKALLIES Since many Years creating fine art dolls,sculptures and miniatures in polymer clay. Elves,Trolls,Pixie& Folk and of corse scale Miniatures like Witchy& and Wizard& I started with creating "Thicket People Pixie Originales"in January 2008