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24 bible verses about business

Here are some excellent Bible verses about business. If you have a business, read these today for insight on ethics, management, growth, and more!

grilled cheese chip butty.. also known as grilled cheese with french fries inside!  all the good things in life, all together.

Grilled Cheese Chip Butty (Sandwich) Okay didn't have any idea what this was, but it's a grilled cheese with leftover french fries ( in Australia they call them hot chips) and ketchup.

Fideo with Vienna Sausage... A savory pasta dish the whole family will love. 6 ingredients and 25 minutes total time, this recipe is a fun and tasty weeknight meal. If you don't have fideo macaroni, try angel hair pasta!

Fideo with Vienna Sausage. Vienna sausages mix with fideo macaroni, tomato, onion, garlic and green pepper for a quick and delicious Mexican-style pasta

Yummy breakfast idea!

Bell Pepper Eggs Slice a pepper. Scoop out all the guts. Lay the pepper slice in a greased, hot pan. Crack an egg into the pepper. Lay a slice of tomato on the egg. Crack an egg on top of the tomato. Fry the eggs. Serve (with toast and fresh dill).