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Curly faux hawk.

Love Short Curly Hairstyles for women? wanna give your hair a new look ? Short Curly Hairstyles for women is a good choice for you.

So true, and so sad when some family relatives are included in this.

I hate the fact that some people get judged for being real while some are getting loved for being fake. This always happens to some people sometimes!

No Need To Hide Sorrow Behind A Smile With These 29 Comforting #Fake #Smile #Quotes

This quote was in the popular section on Pintrest. You can never forget that there are a lot of people who feel like this and you never know who it is. We should always try to treat everyone like this is how they feel. because they just might.

thigh tattoos | Shoulder To Thigh Flowers and Vines Tattoo Concept Sketch John ...

Different drawing but like the shoulder to thigh thought. Shoulder To Thigh Flowers and Vines Tattoo Concept Sketch

Amazing 3D tattoos

Is this a peak into the future ? - Barcodes for ID and USB quick connection even more vital than it is now ? - George Orwell predicted our future and most of the detrimental 'improvements ' he mentioned are here now!

I've never read anything more true in my life. By far my favorite pin so far. So beautiful.

'mouthful of forevers' -clementine von radics This is perfect Sweet Heart!