Promenade Apartment in Turin by SCEG ARCHITECTS | Yellowtrace

Designed by SCEG ARCHITECTS, vibrant colours serve to delineate spaces in this Turin apartment by giving each room their own individual character.

Via Ministyleblog Harmony is one of the most extended beauty standards; maybe, this is the reason why we are so attracted by geometrical prints. Furthermore, these prints have become in one of the trendiest keys for kids’ rooms and we can see them in textiles, toys or even walls. Do you dare to update your children’s […]

Geometrical Walls in Kids' Rooms

Memphis Revival: Masquespacio’s Renovated Design Studio in Valencia, Spain | Yatzer

Memphis Revival: Masquespacio’s Renovated Design Studio in Valencia, Spain

This colorfulness is just irresistible! Masquespacio interior-design studio renovation in Valencia Spain

Het trapgat een andere kleur (niet perse geel btw)                                                                                                                                                                                 More


Paint the entrance to your stairs (idea for the basement stairs!) and the walls going up to the next level in a bright, fun color for some flair.

dominique coulon builds green retirement home in france

3 Simple Ways To Be Eco Friendly Every Day

Image 2 of 31 from gallery of Home for Dependent Elderly People and Nursing Home / Dominique Coulon & associés. Photograph by Eugeni Pons

Yellow, green, pink.

I am fascinated by this color combo - I saw a lot of this at dutch design week - very intersting to me Yellow Green Pink Dining Room / House Garden / Photo by Mel Yates

Colour blocking                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Create an abstract wall by using Harlequin’s stitch wallpapers in vibrant block colours The Best of home decoration in - Interior Decor Luxury Style Ideas - Home Decor Ideas

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