DA marchers clash with Cosatu

DA marchers clash with Cosatu

Jacob Zuma Resigns over Nkandla Report!

Zuma - Jacob Zuma Resigns over Nkandla Report published in The Times on 1 Aprl 2014

Deep in the heart of questions about racism, our economy and the provinces lies a debate that is far more over-reaching than all of these. It alone has the power to determine what kind of country we will be in the future. It's more important than almost any other discussion we have. It's about the Western Cape.

A special case of Western Cape

Government mouthpiece Jimmy Manyi last week made Cabinet’s chilling point of view on the matter clear: neither the Constitution nor the Constitutional Court will be treated as “sacred cows as this democracy goes forward”. That might be worth debate. But what is clear is that the reason for reviewing the judgements of the highest court in the land is not solely about assessing its impact on transformation.

Analysis: The Constitutional Court is the next cow to the abattoir

Social media campaign to prevent distortion of historical facts

Do not try and change history to make you look better!

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