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MOST DETAILED RESIN TUTORIAL Covers every process from casting to cutting to polishing

Resin Pendants How to cast shape and finish your own rustic jewelry


This windchime is made from a vintage gravy boat. This gravy boat has a detailed handle and three beautiful feet. This is definitely a one-of-a-kind piece.

shell windchime

A coastal DIY for all those seashells and beach treasures you collected along the seashore. Create this beautiful seashell wind chime with in just a few simple steps.


Easy DIY Wind Chimes Ideas For Homes And Gardens. how to make wind chimes at home with beads, cds, and keys.wind chime tutorial step by step

23 Amazing DIY Wind Chimes DD and LS We need to make this

What a fun wind chime to make! Use your creativity by using a jello mold, bunt pan, etc. and other odds and ends around the house. I absolutely love wind chimes!

Have you seen these blankets before? They're fantastic!! I wish I could take credit for them, but they're actually the project of my 9 year...

Another way to tie knots on no-sew fringed-edge blankets. Still a knot, & uses a longer fringe, so I think I'd prefer one of the looping methods, but just want to include all the possible methods on this board. That Village House: No-sew fleece blankets

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FREE tutorial video showing different ways to shine up your resin pieces. - pulire e rendere lucida la resina