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Only those who were part of the struggle will understand what Madiba did and why. He was a freedom fighter not a terrorist! The Ugly Truth, Know The Truth, Half Mast, American Freedom, Birth Certificate, Declaration Of Independence, Nelson Mandela, Deceit, We The People

Only those who were part of the struggle will understand what Madiba did and why. He was a freedom fighter not a terrorist!

Somalis in Soweto and Nairobi, Chinese in Congo and Zambia, local anger in Africa targets foreigners Kevin Carter, News South Africa, Horrible Histories, War Photography, African Men, History Facts, Photojournalism, See Photo, Continents

Predator vs. Prey :: The Life of Kevin Carter

One of Carter's first "radical" photos. The execution of a South African man via the execution process of necklacing. (mid 1980s).

After decades of denials by both Mandela and the Party, the South African Communist Party has at last admitted Nelson Mandela’s leading role in their organization. Mandela wasn’t just a… Nelson Mandela, First Black President, Black Presidents, Apartheid, Nobel Peace Prize, Leadership Roles, Freedom Fighters, Communism, Pai

Nelson Mandela Dies: A Nationalist Reappraisal, or, Where Would You Have Stood as a Black Person in Pre-1994 South Africa?

Commentary on the news of the death of 95-year-old Nelson Mandela will vary tremendously, from fawning obsequience and hero-worship in the mass media, to outright condemnation by "right wing" commentators. I would like to take a different approach, not only because I want to be different, but also because this is something which I really believe and which the "right wing" would do well to consider. The time has come for all honest pro-European activists across the world to take on a new…

Americans generally view Nelson Mandela as a hero and Fidel Castro as a villain. Mandela saw things differently. The South African leader’s nationa. Fidel Castro, Castro Cuba, Cuban Leader, Viva Cuba, Apartheid, Great Leaders, World History, History Pics, Great Friends

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What a lost prison manuscript reveals about the real Nelson Mandela

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Mandela, Killer of Nations: Atheist, Marxist, Terrorist, New World Order poster boy, Black Pope, Communist Mass Murderer, Abortionist, Role-player…

historicaltimes: “ Nelson Mandela giving a speech with Fidel Castro, ” Fidel Castro, Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, Spice Girls, Visit Cuba, New Africa, Africa News, South Africa, Epic Photos

Cuba And Ebola: Cubans Have Always Been Willing To Lay Down Their Lives For Africa (When Asked) –By Prexy Nesbitt

In 1975 I was part of a delegation that went to Cuba to meet with members of both the Cuban government and representatives of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA). The purpose of our trip was to learn about the assistance that the Cuban government was affording Angola, helping th...

Afrikanerhart - die trekpad van 'n nasie Pretoria, African History, South Africa, Best Friends, Van, Teaching, Humor, Education, Country

Afrikanerhart - die Trekpad van 'n Nasie | De Volkshuijs Media

Spotprent | PASOP! Jy mag dalk net lekker lag in Afrikaans | Die wese van die spotprent kunstenaar se humor is om bekende of gerespekteerde figure of persoonlikhede in 'n milieu of opset te plaas wat hulle vanuit 'n 'ander' perspektief belig. Spot, wat met hekelende of satiriese humor gepaard gaan, is die belangrikste oogmerk van enige spotprent. Soos wat die begrip Spotprent aandui, bevat dit elemente van spot, hekel, terg, koggel, of selfs hoon.

 Mandela’s a human hero,’ Farage responded. ‘That day he came out of Robben Island and stood there and forgave everybody, I just thought: ‘This is Jesus.’ I don’t regard him as a political hero – I think he’s on a rather higher plane than that. Man Of Peace, South African Flag, Apartheid, States In America, United We Stand, The Ugly Truth, The Secret History, Nelson Mandela, This Or That Questions

Communist Mandela, White genocide, and the Marxist founded ANC

Main Folder: Communist Mandela, White genocide, and the Marxist founded ANC — Four Sub Folders: Always count your blessings…. before you ask for more ANC a jewish front – Mandela …

The Real Nelson Mandela: Terrorist and Murderer the Left has tried to Hide Left Wing, Right Wing, World Icon, Ignorant People, Political Spectrum, George Soros, Tell The World, Nelson Mandela, White Man

The Real Nelson Mandela: Terrorist and Murderer the Left has tried to Hide

The media hypes Nelson Mandela as a true leader of a cause to free blacks from the White man, but what they are refusing to hype is the fact that Nelson Mandela not only belonged to a murderous ter…

Nelson Mandela: Absence of Apartheid, Presence of African National Congress Communism Rape Genocide Nelson Mandela, Apartheid, Winnie Mandela, African National Congress, Role Player, Poster Boys, Communism, New World Order, Pro Life

Pro-life leaders urge caution, while Pope, Cardinal Dolan praise controversial Nelson Mandela

Mandela signed one of the worlds most liberal pro-abortion laws, supported same-sex marriage, and was a member of the South African Communist Party.