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All Animals Great & Small

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The undeniably unique saiga antelope is unfortunately also extremely close to extinction.  See footage of this distinct creature, and why they’re so endangered.
Humans can survive around 20 days without any food. When hibernating, bears go more than 100 days without any food or water, and lose 10%-13% of their total body weight. LEARN MORE: https://curiosity.com/video/the-lowdown-on-bears-and-hibernation-untamed-science/?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=12814bearspin

Large Mammals

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Teeth vs Baleen
A whale of a tail

Marine Mammals

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Cat breeds
It's no secret that when things get crazy in the house, cats will seek the quietest, most secluded spot to escape the chaos. But why is your cat hiding in the furthest corner of your bedroom closet? Why do cats like to hide in general? It's all part of your feline friend's instinctive behavior. Although she's domesticated, her ancestors sought secluded spaces to birth their kittens and seek shelter from predators. That's why the unassuming cardboard box makes the perfect spot for your kitty.
Have you ever looked at your dog or cat and wondered, "Just how old are you?" Aging pets may get a little grayer or walk a bit slower, but it can be difficult to know exactly how your senior pets are maturing. Do they simply look as if they're getting old, but physically and mentally are still middle-aged? Maybe they appear young and act spry, but are slowing down. It's best to know what age level your furry family members are at so you can prepare yourself and your home to best take care of the

Small & Companion Mammals

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Mother Nature's Pop Science Guide to Birds
How to get birds to eat out of your hand #animals #birds
Why woodpeckers don't get concussions


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Infographic: Sea Turtles of West Papua | One World One Ocean
Geckos' famous adhesive feet don't work when they're wet
The extreme stickiness of a gecko's feet has inspired an experimental super glue. See the adhesive in action HERE: https://curiosity.com/video/geckos-inspire-experimental-adhesive-new-scientist/?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=20150106pingeckos

Reptiles & Amphibians

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This eel-like creature is an anatomical anomaly. It’s the only known living animal with no backbone or jaw but still has a skull.
Sharks are found in every ocean in the world (plus some rivers), and come in all sizes. The dwarf lanternshark is likely the smallest shark in the world, measuring around 6 inches.   Watch this fascinating clip about the largest shark, the whale shark, which can grow up to 60 feet long: https://curiosity.com/video/whale-shark-national-geographic/?ref=sp&utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=081214pin #SharkWeek
Mothers deliver the babies (for humans, anyway), but the father's role is also critical. Children raised with involving, nurturing fathers have higher IQs, and better linguistic and cognitive skills: https://curiosity.com/playlists/the-importance-of-fathers-8-AvMy4b/lessons-from-a-father-big-think?utm_source=pinterestutm_medium=pinterestutm_campaign=062014pin

Fish & Other Marine Life

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