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Wouldn't you love to take this old row boat out in to the bay side of Anna Maria Island for a picnic.

So I'm downtown with my friend Craig. Not the Craig you know. He's a thunderbird and we are just starting to become friends. Drinking champagne and mimosas right now.  so last night when we went to dinner at casa Anejo I was sitting there just thinking to myself what a wonderful life we could really have together if you wanted it.

I would walk along the tops of these wooden posts. Life is a balancing act, and what better place to renew your balance than on a beach at the seaside.

green boats tied in a row

Emerald Gemstones Green boats in Nova Scotia a destination for travelers visiting this tiny province on Canada’s eastern seaboard to

A photo, but I would love to paint this!  (credit ⚓ René Marie Photography) Nantucket Harbor ⚓ Beach Cottage Life

(credit ⚓ René Marie Photography) Nantucket Harbor ⚓ Beach Cottage Life would like to paint this!


Cape Cod Dory - Nancy Poucher very nice painting. i would like to paint something that is reflected in the water, but first of all i need to take some photographs

The beauty of wood.

Taken at the Center for Wooden Boats. Lake Union - Seattle,WA- this would be nice for the lake house.