painted furniture

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before and after photos of a coffee table with black and white checkerboard design
Coffee table, harlequin design, black and white, painted furniture, chalk paint. Furniture redo This tutorial is great! I have to say I have a great tool to assist in achieving the Diamond - Harlequin Pattern. Simple to use. works really well! Check it out!
an ornate dresser with many colorful designs on it's sides and a red ottoman
Fall Into Wonderland: MacKenzie- Childs Pin — Très Haute Diva
a pink and white table with flowers on it next to a chair in a room
Mackenzie Childs MacKenzie-Childs Truffle Top Table
a woman sitting in front of a table that has been made to look like a lamp
The MacKenzie-Childs Farmhouse and Headquarters in Aurora, New York