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chocolate covered strawberries in a wire basket on top of a white cake plate with green leaves
Chocolate Cage Tutorial - Doughmesstic
How To: Chocolate Cage Tutorial
a white plate topped with three small pieces of meat covered in sauce and garnish
Qui veut jouer aux Lego… Carnassiers ?... ;) - Visions Gourmandes
#plating, #presentation
shrimp and cucumber garnished with parsley on a white platter
The Event Group Weddings
unique food presentation for weddings and events!
there are many spoons lined up on the table
Edible Peppermint Cookie Spoons!
Learn how to make Edible Cookie Spoons and serve with your favorite sweet dip, spread, or frosting!
there are three pictures of different pastries on the same plate and in each pan
Hungry Hippo Rolls
Healthy and Easy Hungry Hippo Bread and Soup Recipe for Kids
the fork and knife are laying on top of lace doily, which has been cut into smaller pieces
Our Thanksgiving Table
To hold the silverware I just folded a small doily in half and with a glue dot I held the ends together…
a skillet filled with different types of food on top of a wooden table next to utensils
Catering Trends: 10 New Menu Items From Toronto Caterers
Catering Trends: 10 New Menu Items From Toronto Caterers
an assortment of food is displayed in trays
Slot Siteleri - En Fazla Kazandıran 12 Slot Sitesi Hangisidir
Nice food presentation. #presentation
an assortment of cheeses, nuts and other foods are arranged on a platter
Entertaining 101: Assembling the perfect cheese Platter
Tips for the perfect cheese platter/ Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary
a white plate topped with lots of veggies on top of eachother
Lasagna Stack (Vegan) - Food Plating - Culinary Art - Food Art - Food Styling - Food Serving - Food Presentation - Culinary - Culinary Presentation - Feng Shui Design Your Events with a Professional Feng Shui Consultation at
a white plate topped with lots of different types of cheese and crackers on top of it
food presentation