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a woman walking across a desert under a bright sun
3 Characteristics of Deborah
the bible with text that reads 7 life lessons from lydia in the bible
The Story of Lydia Bible Study
The story of Lydia in the Bible stands as an inspiration to all believers. Learn 7 Bible study lessons from this character study of Lydia in the Bible. Download your free printable Bible study worksheets!
an open book with the title 5 remarkable women of the bible who pray
5 (More) Remarkable Women of the Bible Who Prayed - The Thin Place
a woman standing in the water with her arms behind her head and text that reads, 45 women in the bible who left a mark
45 Women In The Bible Who Left A Mark
Do you want to learn about women in the bible? God has given women value, a voice, and an importance since the beginning of time. And the more you read scripture, the more you can see that. Click here to discover 45 women in the bible who left a mark. #scripturestudy #womeninthebible #christiancommunity #biblestudy #christianlegacy
a woman with dreadlocks standing in the woods and looking up into the sky
22 Bible Verses About Our Identity in Christ
Do you know what God says about you? Here are 22 verses to meditate on your identity in Christ.
the bible study guide with coffee, pen and notepad on top of a wooden table
Free Printable Bible Study Guide of Philippians
Grab this free printable Bible study guide of Philippians in PDF. This bible study guide will walk you through an in-depth study of the book of Philippians. Discover what it means to find joy in all circumstances.
the bible study plans for kids and adults with text overlay that reads bible reading plan & journaling worksheets
Joyful Living Bible Study Plans
Looking for monthly Bible study plans? This plan will guide you in living a joyful life no matter your circumstances. Use our free printables Bible reading plan to have a verse to study each day along with reflection and prayer Bible journaling worksheets to meditate on what you read and hear from God.
an open book sitting on top of a table next to a vase filled with flowers
Six Reasons Why Believers Should Keep the Sabbath
The Bible tells us to keep the Sabbath day. YHWH keeps it, the Messiah did during his time on earth, and New Testament believers continued to honor this commandment - Six Reasons Why Believers Should Keep the Sabbath | Land of Honey
the book cover for the woman of god, featuring a bed with white sheets and pillows
The Shunammite Woman and Elisha
The Shunammite Woman and Elisha
a plate that has some flowers on it and a book in the middle with an inscription reading finding a messanic haggaah for your christian passover seder
Finding a Messianic Haggadah for Your Christian Passover Seder
A Haggadah is a booklet that will lead your Passover Seder participants through the meal, teaching and guiding you from beginning to end. Looking for a Haggadah for your Christian Seder? Start here!
a woman sitting in the grass with her feet crossed and text overlaying that reads,
an open book with flowers in it and the words things the messiah said at first fruits
Things the Messiah Said on First Fruits
what you should know about shavatt it's a one - day holiday that happens fifty days after first fruits
The Beginner's Guide to Shavuot