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Muscle of the week: Shoulder Exercises Shoulders can be a tricky muscle group to workout. Defined shoulders can give the arm a great, rock hard defined look. Shoulders seem to get neglected by most people and they don’t realize th…

Kickbacks ~ Re-pinned by Crossed Irons Fitness

Best triceps workouts for mass and definition Before talking about exercises for the triceps, to tell you a few things first on this muscles. First triceps has three heads: the lateral, medial and long (the highest). So you have to … Continued

Chin ups ~ Re-pinned by Crossed Irons Fitness

Great article on pull-ups, useful for beginners (although it calls them chin-ups). Overhand grip is pull-ups .underhand is chin-ups (where I come from! One of the best compound exercises for building muscle, strength and mass.

Parallel bar dips - chest and arms excersise ~ Re-Pinned by Crossed Irons Fitness

ANATOMY OF A WORKOUT - CHEST Workout - beginners use a tricep dip machine or assisted dip until you've aquired strength to do unassisted dip