Easy and Delicious Bobotie recipe #southafrican #beef #bobotie

Easy and Delicious Bobotie recipe (juju says mix all spices in the meet and leave bread topping plain)

FOR ALL THE SOUTH AFRICANS -Amarula Carrot Cake (Alcoholic beverage made from the Amarula fruit used in the recipe)

Amarula Carrot Cake (There's a Newf in My Soup!: Coronado Concert in the Park - Out of South Africa)

Classic buttermilk rusks. food http://www.annabelchaffer.com/categories/Dining-Accessories/

Buttermilk rusks

I needed a classic buttermilk rusk recipe to make rusks for my TV shoot last week, and where better to turn for this than my much revered and sought after: ‘The Snowflake Book of Baking’…

We all a vice right? And fried foods are mine- especially when they are a sweet treat…. Not a weekend goes by without an occasional indulgent of some sort of fried food. You heard right! However, moderation is the key. Okay, that’s not exactly true. I can barely contain myself. So don’t take my word …

Traditional Koeksisters

These South African Doughnuts are gooey, sweet and very sticky - crisp on the outside and tender inside. Read More by trishroyal

I think this is the melktert (milk tart) pie that absolutely wonderful!

South African Melktert (Milktart)

South African Melktert (Milktart) This is a wonderfully thick and flavourful milk custard set in a crust. A traditional tart which is loved by young and old alike. Children especially love the filling as a dessert.

South African Recipes | ROOIBOS PUNCH

Volunteer with Via Volunteers and try some refreshing Rooibos Tea punch.

Glazed "Pap and Wors" Kebabs with Tomato Dip - a South African Game Day recipe for success!

Cultured Palate --- Glazed "Pap and Wors" Kebabs with Tomato Dip - a South African Game Day recipe for success!

South African Biltong

South African Biltong Air dried meat (beef or venison) _A bit like jerky.

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