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Debbie Penderis

Debbie Penderis
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Ultimate Guide to Pro Newborn Photos_0184

I always shoot from the head down, never ever up the baby’s nose. Just this simple tip will make a world of difference. Please see the photos below. The bottom photo shows how you can see up baby’s nostrils. If you can ever see this, CHANGE YOUR ANGLE!

pumpkin bread | smitten kitchen | Bloglovin’

Smitten Kitchen: This is a towering, craggy pumpkin bread with a crisp cinnamon sugar lid that is impossible not to pick off in deeply satisfying bark-like flecks.

chocolate dutch baby | smitten kitchen | Bloglovin’

Chocolate dutch baby - a rippled, rumpled brownie-like dark chocolate pancake you can make while half-asleep from ingredients you already have on hand.

tomato-glazed meatloaves with brown butter mashed potatoes | smitten kitchen | Bloglovin’

Tomato glazed meatloaf mething happens when you mix otherwise one-dimensional ground meats up with fresh breadcrumbs, herbs, seasonings and make a great sauce to go with it and that i…

small batch tiramisu | smitten kitchen | Bloglovin’

Ingredients 24 ladyfingers (savioardi) cookies (storebought or from recipe below) 3 large eggs, separated cup grams) plus 1 tablespoon grams) granulated sugar, divided 1 ml) package mascarpone cup

peanut butter swirled brownies | smitten kitchen | Bloglovin’

PEANUT BUTTER SWIRLED BROWNIES - smitten kitchen I realize that you might have been expecting something green, rainbow-ed or four-leaf clover-ed or filled with beer, cabbage and potatoes today. But sometimes life presents bigger exigencies, needs…

Make Any Box Into a Jewelry Box! | A Beautiful Mess | Bloglovin’

Pretty decorative boxes are one of my favorite things to have around the house (usually in little groupings.