Grateful for my wildman.I've learned that you're in control of your own decisions, your own fate, you have the power to feel however you want. You decide to be OK w/your decisions and others are far from being responsible for that. You can't regret what y

Do not be mad at me!!! I love you all & people have been begging for the shiplap tutorial in the office since our Shiplap in the office part 1 post [here]. Well, I hate to break this to some of you who think that Jose & I are awesome & always on top of …

Silence. How sweet to just get away from the noise of life and hear nothing but the breath that God gave me. A walk into your own heart, your own thoughts. Uncomplicated by the world view. Take time to learn who you are when you are the only one impress.


Definitely true, You have been an adventure, still an adventure cuz you rock my world everyday with your stupid, crazy, lovely, fantastic things, ideas, your talks which no other person can do.. so yes you're my adventure and I love you baibe :-*