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My name is Joanna. (Mam na imie Asia.) All I want to do is learn languages, eat citrus fruits, and travel the world. I'm really into makeup and fashion. Feel free to message me in English, Polish, French, or Spanish. I track the tag

You have wandered into Lutopia, a magical oasis in the desert of redundancy. I find a certain joy in each image I post and i certainly have no limits as to which way my whim pulls me. Peace and Love,...

“Love him like you love yourself.” Advertising Agency: Leg, Paris, France Creative Director: Gabriel Gaultier Art Director: Sebastien Pierre Copywriter: Olivier Camensuli Photographer: Luke Stephenson Release Date: April 2013 Tweet

Obviously not The Batman. The Batman would have had a high dollar education. Therefore, The Batman would not write, "me and Batman." He would write, "Batman and me." Just pointing it out.

YMakes me think of camping in the back yard as a kid. Blankets over the clothes line. Usually ended up inside in the middle of the night - creepy sounds and shadows, boogie man right outside the tent door. lol

Not sure why I find this so funny hahaha

Whenever you feel upset…