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someone is painting flowers on plates with white paint and green stems in the center, while another person holds their hand out to touch them
Artist Uses Real Found Flowers to Create Delicate One-of-a-Kind Ceramics
a plate with some flowers on it sitting on top of a cloth covered tablecloth
dish with herbs
there is a tray with flowers on it and two sticks sticking out of the bottom
Ceramics from @hessaalajmani 🏳️ For more, go check them out! ----
a hand holding a white plate with flowers on it
cute diy [Video] | Clay crafts air dry, Diy clay crafts, Diy pottery
a person pouring something into a bowl with the words pour and don't touch
someone is holding a platter that says, how to keep your platters flat without warming
Jaspreet | Handmade Ceramics for everyday | A question I get asked very often is how do you keep large plates and platters flat without warping. Here are my tips to make sure you get… | Instagram
a green ceramic cat figurine with pink flowers on it's body
Hand Built Texture Slab Cat Cell Phone Holder
four pieces of green and white ceramic sitting on top of each other
Apoya celulares By @decorazonceramicas
three necklaces with flowers on them sitting next to an open book
Nature Inspired Ceramic Beads and Jewelry by Kylie Parry